Entomologist Almanac: Top state for mice is Florida

New almanac shows mice, bigger problem for Florida than other states


Florida is the top state for the having the highest number of mice, according to a new study on pest trends.

The guide includes a variety of interesting and digestible statistics about pest virality in 2018, such as Florida taking to the web to talk about their mouse problems more than any other state.
As part of the Almanac,Terminix is also announcing bed bugs as 2018’s Pest of the Year. Bed bugs are defending their crown from 2017, as Americans once again searched online for this pest more than any other at over 6.7 million searches.

The full list of top pests by state is as follows:

•    Rat - District of Columbia
•    Mouse - Florida
•    Squirrel - Alaska
•    Ant - California
•    Scorpion - Nevada
•    Mosquito - Texas
•    Cockroach - Hawaii
•    Wasp - Arizona
•    Raccoon - Minnesota
•    Spider - New York

Read the full Entomologists’ Almanac here with more information including the most viral pests of 2018.