Making holiday travel with pets easier

Animal experts warn pet owners to prepare before traveling


For many pet owners, traveling over the holidays includes bringing family pets with them as they visit relatives and friends, but that can create problems for some. USA Today spoke with travel and pet experts, who said there are some steps pet owners can take to make it easier to travel with four-legged family members. 

If you're traveling through the air, it's important to check with your air carrier beforehand to make sure your pet can fly. Most airlines have restrictions on what kinds of animals are allowed onboard in either the cabin or in cargo areas. Many airlines also have fees for transporting pets in luggage holds.

If you're hitting the road for the holidays, long road trips can also be a problem for pets. 

Officials with the American Veterinary Medical Association recommend preparing your pets for long road trips before hand by taking animal on shorter drives to get them used to riding in the car. They also say never let pets sit in the front seats or hang their heads out the window. And never leave animals alone in a vehicle, even in winter because in cold weather a car can act as a refrigerator​​​​.

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