New Murray Hill restaurant offers comfort food with healthy twist

Murray Hillbilly on Edgewood dishes up gluten-free, vegan friendly eats

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you're tired of ham, turkey and holiday foods, you may be ready to try to tingle your taste buds with some guilt-free Southern food.

That's what you'll find cooking from the tiny kitchen on the Murray Hillbilly food truck. This weekend, you'll be able to try it all from it's new brick-and-mortar restaurant on Edgewood Avenue.


The owners at Murray Hillbilly are parking their truck for good and turning their Southern comfort vegan food truck into the newest restaurant in Murray Hill.

The move has been an exciting process that included staying open 24 hours a day until enough money was raised for the opening.

"This was all we cared about. (We) didn't really sleep, didn't really shower, didn't get to do the things we wanted to, 'cause it was all about keeping the truck open," co-owner Ryan Strandjord said.

Strandjord and founder/co-owner Da-Vi Em said it took about a week to raise enough money to pay for permits, insurance and materials for the restaurant's opening.  

"We got a bit sleep-deprived, and just sleeping at any opportunity, mainly three-hour nap style," Da-Vi Em said.

The support from the community helped them reach their goal in a week and it's exactly why they're excited to offer another option for foodies in Murray Hill.

"Our primary focus is vegan, gluten-free Southern comfort food. So a lot of the familiar flavors and textures just with an added bonus of nutrition," Da-Vi Em said.

You won't find fried chicken here, but something just as tasty.

"Ya Reckon?- which is our take on fried chicken. It's fried cauliflower instead, and you'll get the flavor and crispiness of chicken, Da-Vi Em said.

Another favorite on the menu is the "Bubba."

"It's a really nice barbecue meaty texture to it, and a lot of  people actually think that it is actual meat before they try it and then realize that it's all made out of plants," Strandjord said.

The grand opening celebration of Murray Hillbilly's is Saturday from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. at 1044 Edgewood Ave. South.


If you don't want to wait that long, the restaurant is having a soft opening Friday.

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