Surveillance video captures car burglary in Arlington

Footage shows people checking for unlocked vehicles

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's a neighborhood crime alert in the Arlington area, where at least three different calls went out to Jacksonville police late Sunday night after surveillance video captured people going from car to car, checking for unlocked doors.

Kenneth Duncan's next-door neighbor in the Arlington Hills neighborhood, near the intersection of Merrill Road and Townsend Boulevard, captured video from his Ring camera at his front door. The footage shows people, wearing hoodies and holding flashlights, going in and out of vehicles along Stonehurst Road North, where most of the homes do not have garages. 

According to the police report, none of the vehicles had any signs of forced entry. 

UNCUT: Ring video shows people checking for unlocked cars

Duncan told News4Jax on Monday that his sister was a victim. He said her purse, containing all of her credit cards and driver's license, was taken out of her car parked at their family's home.

"I mean, we were at home," he said. "You know, my parents have been living here since around 2004 and it's kind of sad that you can't even leave your door unlocked in front of your own house." 


Duncan was not surprised, saying this was the second time this has happened to one of his family members at their home. 

Fortunately, a News4Jax crew found Duncan's sister's purse while walking around the neighborhood. 

"They weren't worried about the purse," Duncan said. "They wanted the stuff inside the purse."

Tennille Mitchell, another car burglary victim, said fortunately, nothing valuable was inside her car, but she said she felt violated knowing someone went through her vehicle in her front yard. 

"It's a personal thing. I don't want you in my car. I don't know who you are," Mitchell said.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office crime map, there have been 16 reports of car break-ins in the last six months within a half-mile of Stonehurst Road. 

As a reminder, the Sheriff's Office urges people to lock their car doors and take out any valuables every single night. Police want everybody to abide by the 9 p.m. routine.

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