Florida drivers pay 3rd highest rates in nation for car insurance

Florida's annual average premium increase by 10% in 2018

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A recent survey found Florida drivers are paying the third-highest car insurance bills in the country.

According to Insure.com,  Florida’s annual average premium last year increased from 2017 by 10% to $2,050. The report said one reason is because a large number of drivers are uninsured which raises the cost for other drivers.

Another reason Florida’s rates are higher is because of fraudulent personal injury protection claims which increase the rates, the survey revealed.

Personal injury protection helps cover medical expenses after an accident. In recent years, some lawmakers have tried to get rid of it but bills have stalled in the Senate. Studies show ending the requirement to have personal injury protection could save Florida drivers roughly $80 a year.

Experts recommend Florida drivers shop around first with several insurance providers to try and get the best available rate.

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