What's the right way to draw an X? Twitter is losing its collective mind

Well, what do you say?


Do you ever hear about a debate going on, and you're all, "I didn't even realize that topic was up for discussion!" -- and then you feel as if everything you *thought* you knew had been turned upside down?

Well, buckle up, because Buzzfeed taught us something important Sunday night: there are apparently eight different ways to draw the letter X.


Oh, and because it's the internet, of course we're all fighting about it.

Let's backtrack for a second. Twitter user @SMASEY posted this over the weekend:

The thread that follows is just ... mind-blowing. (How are so many people 6s?) At last check, about 15,000 people were talking about it on Twitter -- not to mention, all the BuzzFeed readers and commenters who are now weighing in.

Does it depend on the country we live in? Or whether we're left-handed or right-handed? Is there any way this person is serious?

We don't even know what to say, other than, "HOW IS THIS A THING?"

(It's 7. Seven, you guys -- right?)

OK, now you simply have to cast a vote.

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