Fernandina Beach re-nourishment project nears completion

Project on track to complete in mid-February

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – The beach re-nourishment project in Fernandina Beach is on track to be complete next month.

City officials said the work should be done by mid-February and the equipment should be off the beach by March.

The re-nourishment project is a completion of a $32 million project. The project started in 2017 but didn't finish in time for turtle nesting season. City officials said workers are rebuilding the beach from New York Avenue down past Sadler Road.

“They’ll have a beach template and they’ll bring in beach compatible sand and they’ll build the beach out further,” explained Len Kreger, Vice Mayor of Fernandina Beach.

During the project, beach access points are still open to the public except where crews are currently working. Kreger said the beach is re-nourished almost every year to protect residents and property. He said it’s a long-term investment for the beaches.

“If you look you’ll see the dunes are building up more and more and that’s what we really want to do is build the dunes more because a significant amount of the sand they put in will go down,” explained Kreger. “The onshore drift pushes that down so the design is that it does the whole 13 miles basically for the city and the county beaches.”

City officials expect the work to be finished around February 14.

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