High-flying 9-year-old shows off moves in Jacksonville

Competitive flyer visits new iFLY location in the River City


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One super kid is soaring high with a popular new sport! 

Charlotte “Charlie” Bomar, 9, loves indoor skydiving and has taken it to the next level.

Charlie, who is originally from Atlanta, has been flying for more than a year and travels to compete. 

She is the current gold medal holder for the "U.S. National Freestyle Jr. Intermediate" division. She was also awarded for being the youngest flyer at U.S. Nationals.

Indoor skydiving company iFLY just opened a location in Jacksonville. Charlie paid the store a visit and stole the show! She says iFLY Jacksonville has a great group and that she really enjoyed her time with them and can’t wait to come back.

Charlie says iFLY offers a more affordable way for kids to advance in this sport, so it won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

"Indoor skydiving is an amazing sport. You actually get to fly. Kids wanting to get involved in this sport should check out Flight School offered by iFly," Charlie said.

Charlie has advice for other youngsters who are interested in trying the sport. 

"My best advice is not to give up," she said. "Some skills come really fast, but others take time. I thought mastering sit fly (a skydiving move) would never happen, but one day it just clicked. Next thing I knew, I was head down flying (another move)." 

Charlie has quite the following on social media. Her mom manages her page and helps post her awesome tricks and flips!

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Click here for more information on iFLY Flight School. 

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