Zoo celebrates births of 7 cheetah cubs

'This is a very special birth to us'

Metro Richmond Zoo
Metro Richmond Zoo

MOSLEY, Va. – This is exactly the kind of news we like to see. 

The Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia announced the birth of 7 cheetah cubs. 

Vaila, a second time mother, gave birth to septuplets on November 30, 2018, Metro Richmond Zoo officials said in a blog post.

"This is a very special birth to us because not only is it a big boost for Cheetah conservation by increasing the captive population, but also a cheetah having 7 cubs at once only happens 1% of the time! In addition, the sire is Kalu, a first time dad who was born and raised here at the Metro Richmond Zoo," zoo staff wrote. 

Check out this adorable video of the cheetah cubs: 

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