Navy veteran says 3 packages were swiped from his front porch


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A U.S. Navy veteran told News4Jax he's furious after three packages were swiped from the porch of his Jacksonville home.

Sidney Johnson said he was returning from an appointment when he found empty boxes on the side of his house.

"Working hard for your money -- it's something you never want to see happen," Johnson said.

Johnson's home, just north of the Paxon neighborhood, is well lit at night and there's a doorbell camera. But he said it happened around 11 a.m. in broad daylight, just 10 minutes after he'd received an alert that his packages were delivered.

"I went to look around the house to see where they're at, and I found them tore up and damaged," Johnson said. "A few of our other neighbors' boxes were missing as well."

That's when Johnson realized his doorbell camera caught someone on video. It's changed the way he and his neighbors look at their quiet, peaceful community.

"It hurts my confidence," Johnson said. "When I'm rolling out the trash in the morning, I'm thinking, look(ing) left and right... It's a big difference from what it used to be."

Johnson filed a police report and gave investigators the surveillance video to help them track the man down. He said items in the boxes include things he and his wife purchased for their newborn daughter.

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