Artist creates Pringles wine tumbler after Walmart incident

Once you pop, you can't stop ... drinking wine?

Evidently, Walmart hasn’t heard the last of banning a woman from a store last month for drinking wine from a Pringles can while riding a cart in the parking lot.

The incident served as inspiration for a company called The Cup Artist, which has now created a product to support the banned woman.

The Cup Artist has released a Pringles can wine tumbler, a group of 20-ounce containers depicting various Pringles flavors.

The tumblers are available on Etsy for $35 each.

“I thought the Walmart story was hilarious and (I) was inspired to spoof it on a cup,” said Celeste Powers, owner of The Cup Artist, to MyRecipes. “Where else can you go and see and buy almost anything (other than at) Walmart?”

There's no word on whether Walmart will one day sell the new tumbler, but that would be perfect irony, wouldn’t it?