Roaches, rodents, droppings found in this week's Restaurant Report

Good, bad, shocking violations found in pages of inspection reports

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4Jax dug through pages of reports to find the good, bad and shocking violations in this week's Restaurant Report.

Akel's Deli

Downtown Jacksonville is where you'll find a buffet of restaurants to choose from for a quick lunch break. But we've got our appetite set on Akel's Deli.

During a surprise visit last week from a state inspector, the sandwich shop on West Forsyth Street passed with a perfect score. Records show the deli had a spotless kitchen and clean dining room.

Dick's Wings and Grill

Dick's Wings and Grill in Fleming Island is also celebrating a passing inspection, but it took a couple tries. 


According to public records, the restaurant on East West Parkway shut down when inspectors found 22 roaches crawling on the wall, near the prep table and on a shelf. More were found during each follow-up inspection. The restaurant didn't get the green light to reopen until the inspector's fourth visit when the bugs were gone. 

Wacko's Bar & Grill

Wacko's Bar & Grill on Emerson Street kept inspectors busy last week. Records show the gentlemen's club was ordered to briefly shut down Friday and couldn't reopen until Monday.


The inspector found two live rodents in traps placed under the dish machine and soda boxes. Four live roaches, seven dead roaches and more than 50 rodent droppings were also reported.

Wacko's is back open, but a follow-up inspection has been ordered.