17.2M people expected to miss work after Super Bowl

Most taking scheduled day off but over 4.5M calling in sick, survey shows

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you are thinking about calling in sick this morning after staying up late for last night’s game, you’re not alone.

A recent survey by The Workforce Institute of Kronos Incorporated says roughly 17.2 million employed adults will miss work Monday.

Of that, over 4.5 million workers will call in sick, while the majority of others are taking a scheduled day off. 

The survey found roughly eight million employees planned ahead and requested Monday off ahead of time.

But the Monday after the action-packed day is infamously known as a day where people call out of work. 

Joyce Maroney, executive director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc., told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last year that #SuperSickMonday is often the biggest day in America for calling out of work.

Other football fans aren’t taking the entire day off but won’t work a full day. The survey found more than 6 million employees will leave work early Monday and about 3 million are expected to go into work late Monday morning. 

A similar survey last year found that 25 percent of the 2,000 survey takers felt that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. 

Just over a quarter of respondents last year claimed to have a fever while 14 percent said they had a sore throat and 12 percent said they have a headache.  

If you are calling in sick or taking the day off, your boss might be, too. The survey found a lot of bosses aren’t planning on working normal business hours Monday either.

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