Pair of loyal Labs save their owner's life

Inside Edition: Real-life Lassies spring into action when woman suffers stroke


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – In the old classic TV show, "Lassie," a gorgeous collie saves little Timmy from all kinds of trouble.

In St. Augustine, Inside Edition reports, there are real-life Lassies that a couple of neighbors described as lifesavers. The neighbors said two Labrador retrievers saved their owner's life. 

Maureen Hacker, 62, owns the two Labs named Sadie and Bella. She said she believes she would have been left with severe brain damage, or dead, if the dogs didn't run and get help. 

When Hacker suffered a stroke, the two Labs sprang into action. 

"I couldn't move," Hacker told Inside Edition. 

She had collapsed at her home in St. Augustine and her loyal Labs knew something was very wrong. 

"I said, 'Mommy needs help. I'm in trouble here. I can't move,'" Hacker recounted. "And they were gone."

The dogs immediately scrambled to get help. According to Inside Edition, Hacker's doorbell security camera captured them running out of the house -- just like a scene from "Lassie."


On the surveillance camera video, obtained by Inside Edition, the dogs can be seen running into the street and barking, which alerted Alexandra Maspolini, who lives across the street. Maspolini rushed over the Hatcher's house to investigate, found Hatcher sprawled across her bed and called 911

Operator: "911. What's going on?"
Caller: "She needs an ambulance. I saw her dog outside. I talked to her and she cannot talk to me."

Moments later, paramedics arrived and rushed Hatcher to a hospital, where doctors removed a blood clot from her brain.

Hatcher's stroke was caught just in time, thanks to the pair of real-life Lassies. 

"Had it not been for my dogs going and getting my neighbor, I wouldn't be here today," Hatcher said.

There's an even happier ending to this story: News4Jax learned Hatcher has made a full recovery. 


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