Downtown Jacksonville nightclub ups security after shooting

JSO says man shot inside club; Management says it didn't happen inside building

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A downtown Jacksonville nightclub has increased security after police said a man was shot over the weekend. 

After police said a 28-year-old man was shot in the back early Saturday morning at De Real Ting Cafe on West Adams Street, the business owners of the club decided to change the age requirement for anyone wanting to get in. 

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the man was shot inside the club after it had closed. Officers said the man ran out of the club and two people drove him to a hospital.

De Real Ting Cafe management insists the shooting did not happen inside the building, saying, in part:

Management is not aware of any bullets, gun residue NOR shell casings INSIDE the club even after the extensive search by local evidence technicians."

The business, which is known as a popular place for people to enjoy Caribbean food and music, was closed Monday, according to one employee. But the club made immediate changes after the shooting to make sure people stay safe. A post of the club's Facebook page states that security will be enhanced and "effective immediately, only 21 and up will be allowed in the establishment." 

The gunshot victim told police he was in the club for about an hour then heard some women behind him yelling. He said he heard a gunshot and realized he was shot. 

Investigators said there was a fight inside of the club, but the victim denied any involvement in the altercation. He told police he does not know who would have shot him and he does not believe he was the intended target. The man is expected to be OK.

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