Navy issues warning to service members on THC-infused beers

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The U.S. Navy issued a notice on Monday warning service members not to consume a new line of beer that contains THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis.

Social media posts from Naval Station Mayport and NAS Jacksonville both address THC-infused beer. The Facebook post from NAS Jacksonville reads in part:

"Navy policy remains unchanged against the use of THC by service members and DoD civilians. Please be aware that you are responsible for what you consume and read labels before consuming these products!"

Specifically mentioned in the post is the beer Grainwave, which is being brewed by the former brewmaster at Blue Moon. The beer, called Grainwave, hit the shelves in Colorado dispensaries back in December.

A Facebook post from Naval Station Mayport reads in part:

"Be aware that you may see these "beers" show up at a barbecue near you this summer, and they may look new and enticing."

The naval station urges service members to stop and double check all beer labels. The Navy has a zero-tolerance policy on products containing THC.

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