Pot smokers find caged tiger in abandoned house, police say

Animal found in 'rinky-dink' cage

HOUSTON – A tiger found Monday at an abandoned southeast Houston home is expected to be transported to her permanent home Tuesday, according to police.

News4Jax partner KPRC-TV in Houston reported that crews were set to transport the tiger to an undisclosed animal sanctuary at 8:30 a.m. Before leaving, a vet will possibly give the animal a visual check-up to see if she needs immediate medical attention.

Police said the caged female tiger was found at a home in the 9400 block of East Avenue J.


An anonymous tipster reported seeing the animal about a week ago, according to BARC.

The tipster said they were at the house to smoke marijuana and thought they were hallucinating when they first saw the tiger, according to police.

The tiger was found in a "rinky-dink" cage in the garage, which was not locked, police said. The garage was secured with a screwdriver and a nylon strap, according to police.

"A pretty small cage inside basically a garage in a house that didn't look like it was in the best shape. So it was important that we get it out of that situation," Lara Cottingham, with the city of Houston, said.

BARC officers found the tiger on Monday. They called Houston police, who were able to secure a warrant and remove the tiger.

The tiger was tranquilized in order to move it out of the house, officials said.

Officials said the tiger will be taken to the BARC animal shelter at 3300 Carr St. BARC will be the tiger's temporary home.

“There's an incredible network all across the United States and here in Houston and here in Texas. It's just finding the right combination and then transporting," Cottingham said.

The Houston Zoo said it will not be able to take the tiger.