Ethics complaint filed against mayoral candidate Anna Brosche

Complaint says Brosche has more money than she disclosed

Anna Lopez Brosche
Anna Lopez Brosche

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics against Jacksonville City Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Anna Lopez Brosche says she has more money than she disclosed.

The complaint, filed by Jacksonville attorney Kyle Bedran, says Brosche did not include money she paid into the Florida Retirement System.

The amount listed in the complaint -- about $5,300 -- is not a lot compared to her total net worth, which she reported in December as $1.9 million. 

The financial disclosure is required for elected officials and those seeking office.

Brosche's campaign spokeswoman responded Thursday by saying Brosche was "unaware she needed to include it as an asset." It goes on to say, "No one is infallible," and adds that Brosche "is in the process of taking all necessary steps to remedy this situation."

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