Sheriff: Mom drank Four Loko, drove with kids to jail to visit husband

Ashley Szakacsi told husband she was 'screwed up,' sheriff says

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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – A woman was arrested after she consumed Four Loko and drove intoxicated with her three children in the car -- to visit her husband in jail, according to the Nassau County Sheriff's Office.

Ashley Szakacsi, 28, was visiting her husband Edward at the Nassau County Jail, according to Sheriff Bill Leeper. Staff members at the jail were monitoring the couple's conversation over the visitation phone.

"She (Szakacsi) tells him she's screwed up on Four Loko, which is an energy beer," Leeper said.

A deputy was called to investigate and waited in the parking lot for Szakacsi, Leeper said.

"The deputy asked her (Szakacsi) if she had been drinking anything," Leeper said. "She says, 'Well, I had a Four Loko.' He asks, 'Where is it?' She had three kids in her car: a 7-year old son, 3-year old daughter and a 1-year old daughter. The 7-year old picks it up off the floorboard and says, 'Here it is right here.'"

Szakacsi was arrested and charged with child neglect. Leeper commended the actions taken by the jail staff and deputies.

"There's no doubt in my mind they potentially saved lives by not letting her drive after she admitted drinking one of these drinks, which is very potent," Leeper said.

The three children are in the custody of another relative, deputies said.

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