Beaches community says goodbye to winter with Sunday Funday

Lemon Bar in Neptune Beach celebrates spring with annual tradition

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NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. – Cold drinks, good music, and comfortable weather are staples at First Coast beaches. Lemon Bar is back this year in Neptune Beach to celebrate its first Sunday Funday.

Gina Pape and Daniel Frandsen say Sunday Funday is a tradition for them.

"I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and this is why I live here. I would never live up north. I’ll take this 80-degree weather every day, it’s perfect," Frandson said.

Both friends were at Lemon Bar on  Sunday to enjoy the day.

"I’m originally from Chicago. So, I’m glad I’m in this weather. I feel very lucky, not dealing with snow and having to scrape it off every morning. This is great," Pape said.

It may not be spring yet, but it does feel like it in Jacksonville, and the crowds came out to take advantage of the nice weather. 

Temperatures through the week are expected to remain comfortable for this time of year, with the forecast lows in Jacksonville around 60 degrees.



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