Report: Military spouses face higher stress, unemployment

Being spouse of someone in the military can be challenging

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new study is confirming what many military spouses already know. Being married to a member of the armed forces can be challenging.

The study from the Department of Defense finds more military spouses are having a hard time finding a job and are reporting higher stress levels.  The 72-page report covers different categories of military life.

One of the biggest takeaways is that, while there are several aspects of military life that spouses are happy and content with, there are also difficulties.  

The report, conducted in 2017, found:

  • More than half (51%) of active duty spouses were more stressed than usual. That’s higher than years before.
  • A majority of spouses also reported more problems during their husband or wife’s deployment, including loneliness and making decisions alone.
  • Of those actively searching for a job, almost a quarter of active duty spouses reported being unemployed.
  • The report says on average, those spouses were looking for work for roughly four months.

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WATCH: Study shows military spouses face higher stress

Despite these challenges, the report found a majority of military spouses support their partner in staying in the military.

Yao Lee said she felt some depression and other emotions when her husband was deployed.

"High stress and a loneliness, but I do understand they have to do their jobs," Lee said.

Several organizations offer help and resources for active-military families and dependents, including.

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