California firefighters remind drivers not to park in front of fire hydrants

Firefighters run hose through illegally parked vehicle

Anaheim Fire & Rescue‏
Anaheim Fire & Rescue‏

ANAHEIM, Ca. – Firefighters in California are reminding drivers not to park in front of fire hydrants. 

Anaheim Fire & Rescue posted four photos showing how they had to break through a car's windows to access the water inside the fire hydrant. 

"Is a closer parking spot worth the broken windows and the citation and towing fees?" the post said

They were clear to explain why the fire lanes are there. 

"We posted this incident to illustrate and educate, not to humiliate anyone. In answer as to why break the windows instead of going under, over, or around the car... it doesn’t work.  The hose needs a straight line out of the hydrant. We do not damage property unless it is needed" 

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