Woman charged with child neglect nearly 4 years after house fire

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Marsha Dull

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman was arrested and charged with child neglect nearly four years after police said she left two children inside a burning home in Jacksonville.

According to an arrest report, Marsha Dull, 34, was arrested on a local warrant last month in Beaufort, South Carolina, and was brought back to the Duval County jail, where she's being held on $75,000.

The house fire happened in July 2015. At the time of the fire, according to police, Dull, a 6-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl were living in the home. 

According to an arrest warrant, the girl said that she saw Dull leave the home as the fire got bigger and that's when the girl said she had to wake up the boy, who was sleeping, to get him out of the house.

The arrest warrant shows the boy suffered first- and second-degree burns.

At no point did the two children describe seeing Dull try to get them from the burning house, the warrant states.

According to the warrant, Dull gave varying accounts of what she thought happened at the time of the incident, including telling police that she thought the child who was burned in the fire was living in Virginia at the time of it, and saying she occasionally smoked marijuana and smoked marijuana from a glass pipe the night before the fire.