Active shooter drill overnight at Jacksonville International Airport

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For an active-shooter drill at Jacksonville International Airport overnight, a simulated gunman pulled up to the front door of the airport and opened fire. According to the script, he "wounded" and "killed" a number of people before killing himself. 

After 20 minutes of chaos, emergency personnel began to render aid. The scenario also included volunteers who received “Stop the Bleed” training prior to the drill. 

Police, firefighters and airport personnel participated in the drill that began just after midnight Friday -- a time when fewer people would be at the airport. The few passengers who witnessed the commotion said they appreciated the effort to prepare in the case of an emergency.

"I think it’s an awesome idea. I think being proactive is actually a good thing," Frank Lopez said.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority training exercise included JAA police, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department and other stakeholders. Officials said the aim of the drill at Jacksonville’s commercial airport was to enhance preparedness, resources and response to a potential "active shooting" incident.


JAA said it was the first active-shooter drill at the airport in three years.

"I think just the way the world is these days we need to be safe, we need to be protected. You just don’t know, from our schools down to the airport," passenger Lisa Jacobson added.