Riverside residents fed up with drivers speeding through neighborhood

Drivers don't appear to heed 15 mph posted speed limit on parts of College, Post

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Riverside residents said they are fed up with drivers speeding through their neighborhood and disobeying the posted speed limits. 

Parts of College and Post streets have a 15 mph posted speed limit, but drivers don't appear to heed the signs.

On Thursday, a News4Jax crew spent time along College Street with a speed gun. Vehicles were clocked going as fast as 34 mph in a posted 15 mph zone.

Residents who live along College Street were alarmed and concerned.

"When I am walking my dog, I have to be very careful," said Leigh Jordan, who has lived on College Street for 2 ½ years. "There have been a number of times I had to get out of the way really quickly because someone was coming."

Michael Emmert, who recently moved onto College Street, said he's also concerned and cautious while walking his new goldendoodle puppy named Chewy.

Pope Wilson has called College Street home for more than 20 years. He said drivers, including police officers with no flashing lights on and buses, speed on his road. 

"Officers do, as well. It’s the flow of traffic -- police, buses, everything," Wilson said. "Just slow down and be aware. It is a residential area. There are people out walking their kids, dogs. Just watch out for people."

Riverside resident Jim Rock even sent News4Jax a video of a car trying to pass him in the posted 15 mph zone on College Street. 

News4Jax asked the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office about patrol cars speeding through the 15 mph zone with no flashing lights on, and asked how often and when officers patrol the area, but has not yet heard back. 

According to Jacksonville City Councilman Jim Love, the speed zones have been in place for several years and were the result of a traffic study under then-Mayor Alvin Brown. Love said it was to reduce speed in and around commercial areas.

Love said the speed zones were put in place well after John Gorrie Junior High School closed.  There is no school in or around these 15 mph speed zones.  

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