Signs remind drivers to watch out for kids, goal to reduce traffic crashes

Sheriff's Office offering yard signs to people who live in Nassau County

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff's Office has been offering signs that residents can put in their yards to remind people to drive safely, especially in areas where children live and play.

The new “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” yard signs, which were purchased with crime prevention funds, are free to people who live in Nassau County, the Sheriff's Office said. 

Sheriff Bill Leeper said the goal is to reduce the top reasons for serious crashes. "Speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving," Leeper said. "We are no longer a rural sleepy community anymore. Our county is growing, and a lot of subdivisions cropping up more traffic on our roadways a lot of construction."

Leeper posed with his granddaughter and one of the yard signs that have been popping up around Nassau County.

He said the biggest complaints his office receives regarding speeding and reckless driving over the past year have been on the  following roads:

  • Nassauville Road
  • Wilson Neck
  • Chester Road 
  • Blackrock Road
  • Amelia Concourse

Many of those roads are getting new home developments or are used as cut through roads for drivers trying to avoid construction on State Road 200.

As the county is rapidly growing and traffic increases on the roadways, deputies said that it's important everyone does their part to make the community safer. Deputies also note the importance of following traffic laws, including obeying speed limits and wearing a seat belt.

The Sheriff's Office has the following rules for those who wish to get a sign:

The limit is one per household.
The signs are available for homeowners in Nassau County.
You must comply with any Nassau County or city sign ordinances.
Respect homeowners' association rules.
Do not place signs on public rights-of-way, near intersections that might affect visibility, or place signs in “every yard in the neighborhood.”
Make sure signs do not interfere with visibility for backing out of driveways.

To request a sign, email boleary@nassauso.com or call 904-548-4030 and provide your name, address and phone number. Once approved, the Sheriff's Office's Traffic Unit will deliver a sign to your residence.

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