Clay County educators want increased pay for teachers


ORANGE PARK, Fla. – A group of educators gathered for a demonstration Monday evening in Orange Park, asking for increased pay for public school teachers.

The demonstration occurred a day before the legislative session begins in Tallahassee. Cheryl Brown, legislative chair for the Clay County Education Association, said it's an issue that affects teachers statewide.

"This is a problem, and it's going to continue unless the general population bands with us," Brown said.

Renna Lee Paiva, president of the Clay County Education Association, said their goal is to put pressure on the state legislators.

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"We want to get their attention that bonuses don't work for us. It has to go on the salary scale," Paiva said.

There has been a push to alter the Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship Program, according to the Orlando Sentinel. It pays bonuses to teachers based in part on the ACT or SAT scores they earned while they were in law school. Legislators are expected to push to delete the test score requirement and use a different method to reward teachers.

The Sentinel wrote that the state teachers union could counter by saying Florida is facing a shortage of teachers and needs more money for teacher salaries.

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