Don't be scared of natural disaster, be prepared

A You-Gov survey found that 41 percent of Americans said they were not prepared for a natural disaster. 

Just a few months ago, Hurricane Michael left over 1.3 million homes and businesses without power, even leaving some Americans trapped.

“We found that even people in mandatory evacuation areas, some were not evacuating their homes,” Jennifer Collins told Ivanhoe. 

One week after Hurricane Maria, 3.4 million Puerto Rican residents had no drinking water.

To prepare like the pros, get a life straw or a Sawyer mini water filter to always have clean water, and a solar powered battery so your phone can stay charged. Also store MREs, meals that heat up without any electricity or fire. 

Common household items can be life-savers too.

Not only is Vicks VapoRub a decongestant, but it also can be a fire starter when mixed with tinder.

Safety pins can be used as a toothpick or to secure a bandage. 

Experts say if you must flee your home, have a plan with friends or family.

Don’t forget about your pet’s emergency stash. Store extra food, litter, and water, and check out ASPCA’s disaster preparedness page for more tips.