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Jacksonville's weather forecast turns chilly for the weekend

Friday will be warm and sunny and the weekend will not be.

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was gorgeous! We warmed up into the mid 80s under sunny skies with a light breeze out of the south-southwest. 

This evening will be gorgeous and mild, as the evening progresses expect increasing clouds and mild temperatures sinking down out of the 80s through the 70s. Winds will be out of the south between 5-10 mph. We do expect a brief round of showers to push into southeastern Georgia after sunset and die out as it approaches I-10 overnight. 

Overnight temperatures turn cool, sinking down into the upper 50s under increasingly cloudy skies. Winds will shift to be out of the north overnight, between 7-12 mph. 

Saturday's forecast has dried out, with the bulk of the rain arriving on Sunday. Saturday starts out partly sunny, with sunshine for a few hours, allowing our temperatures to climb into the upper 60s. Then expect clouds to move in and chilly temperatures, in the low 60s. Expect mostly cloudy skies and a cool breeze between 7-12 mph out of the north. Chances for rain are only around 20% and temperatures will only meander into the upper 60s for daytime highs. 

Saturday night temperatures turn chilly quickly, sinking down into the mid 50s with chances for rain increasing around sunrise.

Sunday expect 50% chances for showers, as rain moves in from the west across our area. Winds will build out of the northeast to be between 10-15 mph. Temperatures will be chilly all day, struggling to reach the upper 50s for an afternoon high. 

Sunday night will be chilly, with temperatures sinking down into the low 50s. We will dry out overnight and the skies will clear out. 

Monday will be sunny and chilly. Daytime temperatures will only reach the cool mid 60s for a high. Monday night the temperatures will be chilly, sinking down into the low 50s. 

Tuesday expect the clouds to increase during the day. It will be breezy and cool, only topping out in the mid 60s. An isolated (30%) for showers creeps into the forecast. 

Wednesday looks like the best chance for rain during the workweek. Expect mostly cloudy skies and 50% chances for showers. The mid 60s for the daytime high will feel much cooler with the breezy conditions expected. 

Thursday the sun returns and we will top out in the upper 60s and low 70s. 

Quick Forecast
5 pm 84
8 pm 78 - Cloudy
10 pm 74 - 20%
11 pm 72 - 30%

Sunset:  7:35 pm