Omega Allen stands out as only mayoral candidate who is party-free

She think it's a reason Jacksonville residents vote for her

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tuesday's election is just days away and early voting is wrapping up Sunday.

While most of the attention has been on two of the three Republicans running in the race for mayor --incumbent Mayor Lenny Curry and City Councilwoman Anna Brosche -- Jacksonville’s Omega Allen said she’s party-free for a reason. She thinks it’s a reason Jacksonville residents should spend their vote on her.

"It's exciting. I'm looking forward to Tuesday like you would not believe," Allen told News4Jax on Thursday, chuckling. 

Allen, a No Party Affiliated candidate, said she's is different. She’s been a Republican and she’s been a Democrat, and she’s rejected both parties.

Though there was not a Democratic candidate running in the mayoral race, Allen said she never considered running as part of the Democratic Party in the race.

"I did not. I have been a member of both parties at one point in time or another and was not pleased with the underlying activities that I saw going on," she said. "I'm not pleased with their ideology. And I thought that I was not a good fit for either of them. And they're not going to fit for the community."

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Allen was the only non-Republican on the debate stage last week. She believes the people in the center of the stage -- both literally and figuratively -- are working together. 

"I say the fix was in, that the mayor started to give name recognition to the councilwoman long before she even decided right on it by position, but long before she actually filed and qualified. And that tells me that there was already some collaboration somewhere. And what it looks like to me is that she may be taking one for the team and that he is planning to win and this sets her up for the next four years to take over because she has the name recognition and she's been out there, that sort of thing," Allen said. "I think I put a wrench in both of their programs."

While she’s been seen as an underdog, Allen said she hasn’t lost hope that she provides the best answer for people living in Duval County.

Her final words to voters before early voting ends this weekend and before Tuesday's election:

"I am Omega Allen, the no party affiliated candidate, which means I am free to make decisions that are best for the people of Jacksonville. There are no strings on me. Let's do Jacksonville and government in Jacksonville that makes sense."

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