Deputies: 911 dispatch receives calls about man exposing himself on I-95

Bradley Sutton charged with public indecency

ST. MARYS, Ga. – A man was arrested on three misdemeanor counts of public indecency after multiple women called 911 to report a driver performing a sex act on Interstate 95, authorities said.

A Camden County deputy said he arrested Bradley Michael Sutton Wednesday afternoon, which was caught on dashcam video, after 911 dispatch started receiving phone calls about a man who was exposing himself while driving along northbound I-95. 

According to an arrest report, the first call to 911 dispatch came from a woman who said Sutton was exposing himself to her just beyond the Georgia-Florida state line. She told dispatch that he was driving a silver-colored Volvo station wagon right beside her vehicle. The woman told 911 dispatch that she exited the first off-ramp from I-95 to call authorities after witnessing Sutton expose himself to her and perform a sex act while driving beside her. 

The report stated a Camden County deputy was 17 miles north of where the woman allegedly witnessed the sex act and was waiting for a vehicle fitting the description of Sutton’s vehicle to get closer when another woman called 911 to complain about a man exposing himself to her. 

The second woman who called dispatch said she was on northbound I-95 near the exit to State Road 57 when Sutton exposed himself to her, according to the report. 

The deputy said he spotted Sutton’s vehicle and pulled it over. While the deputy had Sutton pulled over, the second woman who called 911 dispatch pulled over and spoke to the deputy about what she saw. While the deputy still had Sutton pulled over, a 911 dispatcher called the deputy and said a third woman had also called to complain about a man fitting Sutton’s description who was exposing himself to her and performing a sex act while driving, according to the report. Sutton was then arrested. 

"He would drive up beside the women’s cars. They would look over because he was staying right beside their cars. When they looked over, he would expose himself to them," said Camden County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Larry Bruce. 

But in the dashcam video, Sutton can be heard, saying, "I'm a grown man. I got three children and a wife. I'm not any type of weird pervert that's exposing myself to people."

In the footage, Sutton continues to deny the allegations.

Deputy: "Why would I have three different people at three different locations telling me you were exposing yourself to them?"
Sutton: "I could not explain that to you." 

According to the arrest report, when the deputy asked Sutton whether he exposed himself to anyone while driving along I-95, he said the female drivers must have seen him urinating in a cup. He went on to say he urinated in a cup once, then emptied the cup when he was stopped in traffic and then urinated in the cup a second time. He also denied exposing himself to the women. The deputy noted in his report that he told Sutton, there was no stoppage of traffic along northbound I-95. The report stated the deputy asked Sutton why three separate women called 911 dispatch to report a man exposing himself and Sutton could not answer the question, according to the report. 

Sutton was booked into the Camden County jail Wednesday evening. Jail officials told News4Jax that Sutton is being held without bond until he goes before a judge Friday morning. 

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