People in Nassau County neighborhoods report string of car burglaries

Nearly 2 dozen cars have been burglarized in Yulee, Fernandina Beach

YULEE, Fla. – People living in two Nassau County communities have reported several car burglaries recently. More than 20 cars were broken into within the past week.

About 10 cars were burglarized in the Flora Parke community, and about a mile away, in the Heron Isles community, 12 cars were burglarized.

All had one thing in common, the owners had forgotten to lock their car doors.

"You feel violated in your own home, own neighborhood and community," said one man who was victimized.  He didn't want to release his name because this wasn't the first time this has happened to him.

"I got hit last year and I didn’t lock it then either. So (the) moral of the story is lock your vehicle, turn your outside lights on and turn on your car alarms," he said.

Brittany Palmer was upset to find she had been a victim of a theft in her Heron Isles neighborhood. She said there are some things that can't be replaced.

"Purse, wallet, Easter dress and little things, a ring from my mom from graduation," Palmer said.

She said most of the cars hit in her neighborhood were near the entrance.

"I’m normally so good about locking my car, but, I had my hands full with the baby and groceries and thought I hit the lock button but apparently not. I was an easy target for them," Palmer.

Just another reason to make sure you lock your car before you go to sleep at night.

There haven't been any arrests in the car burglaries but deputies are trying to identify two boys seen on bikes rummaging through people's cars. 

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