Package theft caught on camera in Cedar Hills

Homeowner believes 2 bicyclists followed UPS truck before her package was stolen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman's surveillance cameras captured a package being stolen off her front porch in the Westside neighborhood of Cedar Hills on Monday.

Ring doorbell video shows a man looking into Deborah Tauro's window right before the package was swiped Monday afternoon. 

"It's very violating," the homeowner told News4Jax. "It actually makes you not feel like any of your property is safe." 

Tauro's other surveillance camera from her driveway caught the moments leading up to the theft. 


"That's where we saw him and his accomplice sitting and hovering behind the UPS truck," she said. "I think they were actually following (it)." 

Once the UPS truck leaves, the video from the driveway camera shows two men ride up on their bikes.  Then, in both the driveway and doorbell videos, one of the men, who is wearing a red shirt, can be seen taking a package off Tauro's porch before riding away on his bike.


Tauro said her package was full of cleaning supplies. She said her neighbor discovered the package had been opened up and the contents had been thrown into his yard.

"Other people in the neighborhood need to be alert and to protect their own property because the next package might have something valuable in it," Tauro said.

Though she got the items backs, she said she has contacted police. 

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