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Report: Woman delivers twins month after giving birth to boy

According to the BBC, the mother has two wombs, a rare congenital condition

(Photo via iStock)
(Photo via iStock)

A Bangladeshi woman got the surprise of a lifetime when she delivered a set of twins less than a month after her first child was born.

The 20-year-old mother welcomed a baby boy in late February, but then showed up at the hospital 26 days later with stomach pain – only to find out she was pregnant with twins, according to the BBC.

As the BBC reports, the newborn boy and girl via Caesarean section without complications March 21, and the healthy twins and their mother were released from the hospital just four days later.

It turns out the mother has two wombs, which is a rare congenital condition known as uterus didelphys, according to the Mayo Clinic. Women living with the condition usually don’t show any symptoms.

While the woman and her husband were reportedly pleasantly surprised by their newborn twins, the couple now have their work cut out of them in supporting their growing family. 

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