School bus safety a concern after projectile hits student

Duval County School bus drivers are trained in safety

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – School bus drivers in Duval County undergo safety training procedures before they hit the road to help keep students safe while going to and from school. 

Still, a 12-year-old student was hurt by a metal projectile after the bus left Mayport Middle School with 26 other students when someone fired something at the bus. 

Randall Transportation is an independent school bus contractor in Jacksonville, which had nothing to do with Wednesday’s projectile incident, but the company offers insight into the type of training drivers get.

Randall offers side mirrors, cameras and air conditioning on its buses. The owner held a safety training course for his drivers Thursday.

"With the skill that we try to get, we try to get folks who have an inside feeling for children and how they respond in certain situations," owner Sherman Randall said.

Some of the situations include accidents, medical emergencies or projectiles being shot into buses.

In Duval County over the last couple of years, we’ve had two instances where a projectile hit a bus injuring a student. 

In 2016, 17-year-old Martinez Jennings was arrested for shooting a pellet gun at a bus. 

On Wednesday, a 12-year-old was injured after a projectile flew through a bus window.

Randall Transportation buses have seat belts and shatterproof windows to help protect students.