Widow of motorcyclist killed in I-295 crash shares her grief

Troopers: Emmanuel Carmona crashed motorcycle into back of tractor-trailer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The widow of a motorcyclist killed in a crash Thursday night on I-295 is sharing her grief with News4Jax.

Nidia Gomez spoke about her husband, Emmanuel Carmona, 34. Troopers said he crashed his Suzuki motorcycle into the back of a tractor-trailer on I-295 at Morse Avenue.

Another man, Thomas Evans, got out to help Carmona, and he was also hit and killed at the scene.

Carmona will be remembered by loved ones as a happy man who loved his children and motorcycles. He died Thursday night doing one of the things he loved.

"We saw that one of the motorcycles were black and yellow, and I knew his bike was black and yellow," Gomez said. "So we started digging in and trying to ask, 'Was anybody with him?' And that's when we found out it was him."

Gomez was married to Carmona for eight years. In the last three months, the couple was separated, but she says her pain is still immeasurable.

"He loved his kids," Gomez said.

Carmona was riding his bike down I-295 on Thursday night when cars in front of him came to a quick stop. Troopers said he hit the back of a tractor-trailer, and Evans was hit trying to help Carmona.

Both men leave behind small children.

"He liked to dance, a lot. Whenever he danced, he liked to goof around," Gomez said. "He liked to grab the kids and start dancing with them."

Carmona was involved with a motorcycle group called LAMA. They are in the process of making funeral arrangements. A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up.