Protestors gather to fight bill that could arm teachers

Rally took place near Sen. Aaron Bean's office

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Parents and activists with Moms Demand Action are fighting against Senate Bill 7030.

It requires the sheriff to establish a school guardian program under a certain condition.

On Saturday, a rally was held at the steps of Senator Aaron Bean’s office in Jacksonville. 

Chanting, “Books not bullets,” the teachers, parents and other protestors who gathered tried to convey that they don’t want teachers to have guns in school as part of the new guardian program legislation.

“We are here today and empowered to let our legislators know we do not want to arm our teachers,” said Latasha Hobbs, a protestor.

Hobbs is a leader in Moms Demand Action. She joined the march because her son, Maurice, was killed in 2017 due to gun violence. 

“Our teachers are here to teach,” she said. “They are not here to carry guns. We do not want guns in our schools.”

The last action taken on the bill was Tuesday. The act will go into affect upon becoming law.