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Neighbors disgusted at junk piling up in Tallyrand community

Residents say the trash has been collecting since December

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Residents are outraged that piles of junk are collecting around the a yard in the Tallyrand neighborhood.

Lawnmowers, bikes and a damaged car are among the piles of trash on East 14th Street. Neighbors said the junk has been collecting since December.

"I think it's a dump, and it's lowering the property values around here," said Donald Lamb, who lives in the area.

Harry Presha said he and other neighbors have filed dozens of complaints about the property to the city, but the junk still hasn't been cleaned up.

"It's embarrassing when service guys come over and they do work on your house, or your family and friends come over and they notice it," Presha said. "It's not a good feeling."

Presha said a city spokesperson told him whoever is responsible for the mess has until the end of June to get it cleaned up. He doesn't think that's soon enough.

"We're tired of seeing it as a family. We're tired of seeing it as a community," Presha said.

A call to the City of Jacksonville for comment Monday evening was not immediately returned.

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