AT&T launches campaign to bring attention to distracted driving

Study finds distracted driving increasing


Seven out of 10 drivers say their smartphone has become essential for getting around. According to new research from AT&T, it's not just texting either. People are watching videos, too, and that can turn deadly.

New research found the number of people who watch videos or video chat while driving has doubled since 2015.

People are also on social media, sending emails, surfing the internet, snapping selfies and shooting video. With new forms of transportation popping up, there are new ways to drive distracted. four in 10 drivers say they e-scoot or e-bike distracted and 86% of rideshare drivers admit they use their phones while driving.

AT&T's latest "It can wait" campaign looks into the future. New research found nearly six in 10 drivers believe automated cars and advanced in-car navigation could prevent distracted driving. The campaign comes as research shows the attitude drivers have toward the dangers of driving distracted are softening as the behaviors are getting worse.

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