St. Augustine concert venue ready to reuse plastic cups


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – In an effort to reduce waste and go green, officials with The Amp St. Augustine announced Monday that the venue will no longer have single-use plastic cups at concert events.

Venue officials said the cups will no longer be used starting Wednesday.

So what will concert-goers be using to sip their drinks from instead?

In a landmark partnership, The Amp's Green Hands Program and r.Cup have teamed up to make a revolutionary rentable and resusable cup program.

How it works

The r.Cup program utilizes toxic-free, high-quality plastic cups that people can reuse and refill with each visit.

When concert-goers purchase their first drink from concession stands, they will also put down a $3 deposit for their r.Cup, which will be their cup to reuse throughout the evening.

At the end of the concert, people can then return the cup to receive a $3 cash refund, or they can take the cup home and reuse it at the next event.

“This is truly groundbreaking,” Green Hands coordinator Jen Snare said. “We are incredibly excited to host the r.Cup residency program, as it virtually eliminates single-use plastic cups from our venue and it falls directly in line with the Green Hands' mission of reducing waste and minimizing adverse impacts on our resources.”

Each show at the venue used to generate a dumpster and a half of plastic, but now, concert-goers will be getting groovy while going green.