Homeowners confront man lurking on San Marco porch

Caught on camera: Video shows man eyeing 3 packages sitting at front door

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A camera captured a man walking up to a San Marco porch, looking at three delivered packages that were sitting at the front door, before he was confronted by the homeowners. 

It was in broad daylight Monday when a home security camera on Alexandria Place North off Hendricks Avenue recorded video showing a man walking up the house, where there were three delivered packages at the front door. The video appears to show the man casually looking around, not realizing a hidden camera was recording him at eye-level, and then reaching down and grabbing one of the packages. That's when he's confronted by the homeowners who opened the door.

One of the homeowners told News4Jax that the man was shocked when he was confronted by her and her husband. She said the man told them that he didn't think anyone lived there and was last seen walking away through a nearby park. According to the homeowners, before the man walked away, he made sure to leave behind the package he picked up. 

News4Jax has chosen not to show the man's face because he did not commit a crime, but it's still unclear what exactly he was doing before he was confronted by the homeowners. 

When shown the security video, several neighbors along Alexandria Place said they had never seen the man before.  

Neighbor Karen Carlucci said the footage gives her cause for concern.

"I get packages. In fact, I just got one just yesterday. So luckily I got in the house," Carlucci said. "You have to keep your eyes and ears open."

Other San Marco residents said they realize they have to look out for their fellow neighbors because they know delivery trucks make stops daily in the area.

"There’s a major thoroughfare out there. That’s Hendricks Avenue. A lot of people we don’t know walk off that street, pop in here and see something on a porch and make off with it," neighbor Jim Pearce said. "It requires people to be more alert to what's going on in the neighborhood."

While in this case, the man didn't take anything, the homeowners wanted to show the video to remind anyone thinking about stealing off another's front porch that chances are, you're being watched.

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