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More delays possible for Liberty Street repairs

Downtown Jacksonville street has collapsed twice

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There could be more delays in repairs to a downtown street, which collapsed not once, but twice.

A portion of Liberty Street alongside the old courthouse and Coastline Drive has been closed since 2015, following the second collapse along the road.

Since then, the city has hired a contractor to repair the structure. It's technically a bridge because that road and parking lot were built over water. That has been a problem for the contractor. Changes to the plans and the demolition of the courthouse have caused some delays. The hope is to rebuild the bulkhead and make other changes that could make the area accessible again.    

The project was supposed to be completed by now, but changes by the city and contractor have forced delays.  

The city has budgeted more than $30 million for the project. The contractor was going to do it for about $25 million, but the price tag has increased over the years  

A third change is being considered. It’s not known if additional funding will be needed.

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Jim Piggott is the reporter to count on when it comes to city government and how it will affect the community.