Chocolate-stuffed marshmallows are about to hit store shelves

Stuffed Puffs go on sale April 28 at Walmart

Stuffed Puffs - Instagram

Making the perfect s’more can be a bit tricky as you juggle a piece of graham cracker, a chocolate bar and a flaming hot marshmallow on a stick. 

There’s a new product that may revolutionize s’mores, and it’s a chocolate-stuffed marshmallow. 

Stuffed Puffs is a new marshmallow that combines two ingredients of a s’more, meaning you have to buy less. 

The chocolate will melt on the inside as the marshmallow is roasted. 

If this treat is what your camping dreams are made of, according to the Stuffed Puffs Instagram account, you can pick them up at Walmart beginning April 28.  


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