'The Magnet Angler' reels in mortar from Georgia creek

Mortar may have been dropped out of airplane

The Magnet Angler

FOLKSTON, Ga. – A Georgia man got quite the catch while fishing in Folkston Creek.

Andrew Glisson, a fisherman who uses a magnet instead of a hook, thought he was reeling in a heavy boat anchor on Wednesday. Turns out, it was a mortar.       

"I had hit something heavy and was pulling it to the surface, I thought it may have been a boat anchor... but I was not expecting this to emerge from under the surface, Glisson said. 

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He lowered it back down and immediately called the Charlton County Sheriff's Department. 

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) also arrived to help. The street was blocked off while they removed the mortar. 

Investigators believe the mortar may have been dropped out of an airplane.

"It may have been an MK-76 practice bomb dropped from a plane, nobody knows exactly," Glisson said. 

EOD safely removed the mortar and later destroyed it.

Glisson has some advice for anglers that may come across an interesting find. 

"Just a reminder that you can find something like this when you magnet fish, and if you think you have a mortar or a grenade (even if it may not be live) gently lower it back down and call for assistance, DO NOT attempt to remove it from the magnet, let the experts do that." 

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😲😮I FOUND A MORTAR !!!?? I was pulling something heavy I thought it might have been a boat anchor, then when I pulled...

Posted by The Magnet Angler on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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