Drug company's push back at Florida's push to lower prices

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis is trying to lower the cost of prescription drugs for Floridians.

Right now, U.S. consumers pay some of the highest drug prices in the world. Florida legislative staff say we pay as much as 30 percent to 190 percent more than other countries.

DeSantis is pushing for a new House bill that would drop costs by bringing in drugs from Canada.

The plan is meeting heavy resistance. Political ads have begun flooding the airwaves arguing against the push, saying this could bring dangerous drugs into Florida.

Critics are saying there are serious dangers that come along with importing drugs For example, counterfeits and not knowing where the drugs are really coming from. The ads say some could come from China, but there's no mention of that in the House bill.

If it's passed, the bill would allow imported prescription drugs from pharmaceutical companies in Canada.

"Drug companies sell the drugs overseas for far less than they sell them in the U.S., and they are basically piggybacking off of government-funded research and ripping off the taxpayers," said Richard Allen, who supports the bill.

Everyone we spoke with agrees we pay too much for prescription drugs.

"What’s really unsettling is today I could pay $200 for a drug and tomorrow I could pay $300 for the drug. The prices go up exponentially overnight which is very disturbing," said Giovanna Sparagna, who doesn't support the bill.

"If you cannot ensure the quality of the drugs that are coming into the country, well, you don’t know if they are sold from Canada, or are they sourced from Canada," said Sparagna. 

DeSantis says the imports would only include FDA approved drugs from across the northern border.

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