Bradford County Clerk of Courts issues jury duty scam warning


BRADFORD COUNTY, Fla. – After receiving numerous calls from residents, the Bradford County Clerk of Court's Office issues a warning on Friday about a jury duty scam.

The caller claims to be with a law enforcement agency, circuit court or clerk of court office and tells the victim they missed jury duty and have a warrant out for their arrest. The caller instructs the victim to drive somewhere in order to post bond.

The victim might then be instructed to purchase a Visa gift card, money order or to wire funds to avoid arrest. The caller might even use the name of a local official or officer and give a badge or ID number.

The call is a scam, and anyone who receives the call should hang up immediately. The Clerk of Court's Office offered a reminder to never give out Social Security numbers, credit card numbers or banking information.

If you're ever in doubt, call the Clerk of Court's Office at (904) 966-6280.