Georgia man mistakenly texts police & tells them he's high

We're willing to bet he immediately regretted that decision

(Getty Images/Henry County, Ga. Police)

Ever send a text message you immediately wish you could take back? Then we’re willing to bet you’ll sympathize with the subject of this story.

It’s highly likely that when a Georgia man wrote, “Time for some wake and bake,” he meant for the text to go to his best bud. Instead, it was received by the Henry County Police Department.

“Good morning, Emanuel! Do you live in Henry County, GA?” the police department responded. To which Emanuel, who was apparently trying to salvage the situation, replied: “Just jokes.”

The agency hit back with a burn that likely would have, and should have, been the end of the conversation: “Alright, well don’t try becoming a comedian. Have a great day, Emanuel!”

Phew! That was close. Well played, guy. You’re in the clear. Just play it cool. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop himself from having the last word. “Don’t tell me what to do! Thanks!”

Lessons learned here: don’t get high. But if you must, don’t advertise that fact to law enforcement. And if they’re letting you off the hook, just go along with it.

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