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Arizona mom upset after 25+ bite marks found on daughter's back after daycare

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TUCSON, Ariz. – A mother is angry and concerned after finding numerous bite marks on her daughter's back after picking the child up from daycare.

Alicia Martin told KOLD she found the bite marks while she was changing her 15-month-old daughter's clothes at home.

More than 25 bite marks were found on the child's back following a day at Creative Beginnings Preschool in Tucson (Ariz.).

Martin said the school did not tell her about the wounds when she picked up her daughter.

“At first, I was like ‘are those really bite marks?’ And then, my brain kinda stopped thinking and I started crying," said Martin. “There’s over 25 plus, it’s hard to tell. 25 would be the minimum that the police officer and I discussed."

The Arizona Department of Health Services and local police are investigating what led to the bite marks, but no arrests or charges have been made.

“The fact that nobody intervened in how many minutes, maybe they were left alone, maybe they just disregarded the cries, I don’t know. But it takes some time to do that kind of biting and my daughter would have been very upset," Martin said.