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Plans in motion for a 4,000-mile bike trail across U.S.

Ambitious trail project would make cross-country bike riding possible

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If you’re a parent and your kid ever asks if you want to go on a bike ride, in a few years, you can respond by saying, “Sure. Want to take one around the neighborhood or across the country?”

Yes, the latter would obviously take a wee bit more time than the former, but the possibility of taking a bike ride across the country could be a reality soon, thanks to an ambitious project by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. 

The conservancy is in the midst of creating the Great American Rail-Trail, a trail for bikers that will span 4,000 miles and go through 12 states across the mainland United States. 

The trail, which will be separate from vehicle traffic, will stretch from Washington D.C. to Washington state and connect historic routes across the country. 

So, what’s the timetable for completion?

That part remains unclear, as RTC president Keith Laughlin said in a news release that it could take years.

But after months of analysis and collaborating with state agencies, the RTC said the project is ready to move forward and become a reality.

When it’s complete, would you take a ride on the Great American Rail-Trail? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

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