Firestone tech takes man's car for joyride

Dashcam caught worker speeding in customer's car

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Imagine taking your car in for service, then finding out that a worker took it for a joyride, even speeding while behind the wheel.

That's what a Clay County man said happened when he took his car to Firestone for service.

The car's owner, Tony Anderson, said he may have never known what happened if not for the dashcam in his car which caught the technician on video. Anderson said he could hardly believe his eyes when he saw it. 

“(I was in) disbelief, trying to figure out, 'Is he really doing this,?' said Anderson as he watched the dash cam video. 

He was aware the Firestone technician took his car out for a spin after an oil change because of a dashcam installed only a few months earlier.

The camera caught the driver at top speeds of 62 mph in a 25 mph zone.

“No way I would be driving my car like that through a neighborhood,” said Anderson.

News4Jax Consumer Investigator Lauren Verno went to the Firestone on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park to get answers.

She told the manager that a customer had come to News4Jax saying that a mechanic took their car out after an oil change and tire alignment.

The manager responded by saying; "I have to speak with my home office before I speak with you.”

The manager went into an office for a few minutes and came back 

"I can tell you we don’t approve of anything like that. We don’t condone that and we’re handling the situation. Before I can do anything, I need to speak to our home office.” 

News4Jax asked if the employee still worked at Firestone.

“Not at this point but it’s still going through the processes of disciplinary actions,” said the Firestone manager.

Firestone did reach back out to us to request more details, then Bridgestone Retail Operations released the following statement late Wednesday afternoon.

"Bridgestone Retail Operations is committed to treating customers and their vehicles with care and respect. The incident that occurred at the Firestone Complete Auto Care store in Orange Park, Florida is rare and does not in any way reflect the high standards of safety, professionalism and customer service to which our employees are held and evaluated. While specific personnel matters are confidential, we want to assure customers that we take appropriate action any time employee misconduct is identified."

Anderson said at first he was mailed two coupons, one for a free oil change, and one for $100 off four tires.

After News4Jax aired his story, Anderson said, Firestone contacted him and offered to refund his money also.

"He agreed to refund me the money I spent that day as well as the money I spent on the lifetime alignment warranty back in 2017," Anderson said. "They're sending me a check for $231. I'm pretty much done with it. I don't plan on going back to Firestone again. I'm going to find another shop to have my alignments done now, but all in all, I'm happy with the outcome."

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